A Right Hemisphere Puppeteer.

Working on explaining.

Problem: too simple to believe as it defies Joyful Struggle.

It becomes Joyful nonstruggle!


Brother Nelson

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Great initiative, would like to join the next one… is there a date set for that yet? or a landing page somewhere for the Leading From Confusion series? Thanks 🙏

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So much to appreciate in this lucid exploration of murkiness, ambiguity, and disorientation. In this moment, I'm particularly resonating with the etymology of confusion: "The literal meaning of con-fusion is something like 'with (discomforting) togetherness." Developing our collective capacity to be "con-fused" with each other might be one of the most essential socio-cultural shifts we need to navigate the metacrisis

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Oct 11, 2023Liked by Jonathan Rowson

For what it's worth...I find more trustworthiness in one who is consistently vulnerable and transparent in their confusion over one who is steadfast in purporting to know, bypassing living in the question(s) and the possible optimal discomfort that may initiate radical change or true transformation. Thanks for the leading through embodying JR ;-)

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“ At least one of the social groups important to you was created by a distant cybernetic troll farm that deliberately wants to radicalize you. ”

That’s the 4Chan trolls from Steve Pinker’s Glass Bead Game guild in the basements of MIT. Fun fact- methane - the odorless flammable hydrocarbon produced by decomposing organic matter, animal digestion, and swamps, is CH4. Kinda like 4chan- the swamp that birthed the MIT founded Alt Right plague of frogs.

Jordan Peterson quickly stepped in to play puppet master to the agitated and confused. His big break was going after Cathy New-Man on Channel 4.

Herman Hesse’s final great work, The Glass Bead Game, involves a futuristic elite society playing games of aesthetics and philosophy. The grandmasters of this infinite game are called Magister Ludi (master of the game).

‘Magister Ludi’ is an anagram for the terms:

“It’s a REM Guild”

“I dig a lust REM”

“A.I. lig REM dust”

Then there’s the “secret chord”, for master’s who know there is only one “Grand Master”

Further breaking of the spell of ‘Magister Ludi’ gives us the anagrams:

“I meld guitars”


“I DRAM ugliest”

A DRAM is a memory chip that depends upon an applied voltage to keep the stored data.

A dram is a small bit of spirits as well.

“Grandmaster” is a bit on the nose, and chess players are Pinocchios going nowhere. You know where. This unfortunate term can be anagrammed to spell:

“Mars get RAND”


“Get RAND Arms”

As in Rand Corp. called. They heard you’re a “grand master”, lol.

Grandmaster can be anagrammed to : “Grant Dreams” and “grandest arm”

That reminds me of the hypertrophied arms of the tennis academy jocks in Infinite Jest. The arm they serve with gets larger, and is hypertrophied.

Ewe get a trophy, and Shi gets a trophy, and them gets a trophy, and You got a trophy.

Now you get atrophied. Every-body gets atrophied!

The chess board is square. Let’s circle the square?


This represents the two creation stories of Genesis 1 and 2- a mystery embedded on the Great Seal on the USA dollar bill.

60 fours is 240. To circle that you need 120.

We all know what one 20 is worth- 20 dollars.

That’s Mr Jackson. One 20 is 2 0’s. O is the 15th letter. OO=1515 or Isis. The cleave age of Abraham’s bosom/ valley.

Eye 1 2 go to there. Where prey and eat evol- the dozen Do Zen and the grass is greener. The Cohen of Koan through light cones has a broken eye scream machine.

When Annie says,

“Thoreau said it another way: know your own bone. "Pursue, keep up with, circle round and round your life....Know your own bone: gnaw at it, bury it, unearth it, and gnaw at it still.”

She’s saying, with tongue in cheek poking the side of the mouth, “Go fuck yourself.” And I think, Annie, are you OK, computer?

Know your Skull and Bones is better advice. 322 is 32 twice aka 64. Welcome to New Haven, home of Pepe’s and where Connect I Cut.

What are you wearing to FusionCon?

Tic Tac TOE…

Have you ever seen the pyramid on the back dollar?

No- you haven’t - that’s a trapezoid.

I am the droid ewe are looking for.


Add on AI

Now Add an I

To Jesus

That’s Je Suis.

Con-fused ?

Better put on your grandmaster dufs cone and sit in your castle!

PS- of the 1900 plus pages Ian McGilchrist published on the brain, 5 mention the cerebellum briefly and mistake it for the motor function machine. The brain is not divided vertically only but laterally, and the cerebellum houses 80% of the brains neurons and is, due to its dense neuronal manifoldness, about 3600% faster than the fluffy grey shit that monopolizes our neuro-based conversations.

Over 50% of the CNS’ neurons are housed in the cerebellum.

The term cerebellum was coined by Magister Ludi Leonardo daVinci, and has roots in hellhound Cerberus and warfare, etymologically. Sarah is Hebrew for Princess and Bellum is LATIN for War.

Welcome to the Prince S Wars.

What you should’ve learned on the road to Grand Masterhood is that I have played every game already.

Hey Zeus

He’s us


Sou sage Acts 17

It’s all inverted.

Grandmaster is an anagram for “Strand Gamer”

Welcome to the bookstore - you won the No Bell prize - you never heard it coming.

Magister Ludi is an anagram for “It’s Magi Ruled”

The magian order wore red Phrygian caps, like Jacobins and the TrumpETs.

Stable Carbon has 6 protons 6 electrons and 6 New Trons, Dude.

600 three score and six is 600 60 and 6 - that’s 600606 or 600K and 606 i.e., 600k and 60x6

600k 360

This book repeats itself every Three Day Blow.

The gospel of Thomas has 114 logia

The Koran has 114 Surrahs

In John 1:14 the word is made flesh

114 in the mirror is 411

114 + 411 = 525

5 25’s is five quarters

Or 1 1/4

Now look at that dollar backside again. There’s Noe in the middle of the Ark with death at the corners. The number four in Japanese is Shi (“she”) - the same word for death.

The dollar shows Noe surrounded by death. 1,1,1,1, in the corners. Rooks / Magdalas. Sarah plain and tall in the corner. Circé Invidiosa. Lived is Devil backwards.

So how do ewe circle the square? Ewe don’t.

It’s Naan of your business, grandmaster.

Hey, Didn’t 4Chan architect Steve Pinker help Jeffery Epstein escape federal prosecution in his first trial for the Pleasure Island games?

"So all the generations from Abraham to David were 14 generations,

and from David to the deportation to Babylon 14 generations, and from

the deportation to Babylon to the Christ 14 generations.”

That’s 3 14’s

That’s a big Pi

3 14’s is 42

Forty 2’s is 80

It’s all or nothing, Grandmaster.

You’re a peein.

I’m takin the piss, and everything else.

It’s my Golden Fleece after ALL- and I’ll scry if Eye want 2.


Just Adonai

Now raise a brow…

Did you Keshet, yet, GrandMaster?

It’s OK computer, Wii got all the time in the world.

Time is an anagram for I Met, E-MIT, and I’m ET.

Truth hertz. Ouch

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I am glad I am not the only one who is really confused all the time. Thanks for piercing into its importance.

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