Hi there. I liked this. I'm also part of Effective Altruism. I wanted to share this article with the EA community but due to how it was written, I can't. I don't think you're wrong in your conclusions, but you're being so harsh in your tone, unfavorable and not sharing in good faith. This isn't something that EA's will listen to, and I'd wager they are some of the people you most need to convince.

I hope you take this to heart. I see you making the same mistake as Peterson does with disregarding his "enemies".

Good article, and helped me see things differently. Very unwise way of wording and blatantly attacking McAskill.

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Soooo glad someone has said this, I knew my moral Spidey Sense was tingling for a reason. Truly scary how easily money can drum up a swarm of supportive flies to cover wrongdoings.

Thanks for this, great read!

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